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Are you getting your moneys worth from your drum purchase?
Everybody is busy, busy, busy! We have all purchased feed without taking the time to analyze our purchase.  Along with time being at a minimum, we also work  harder for your money.  So wouldn't it be nice if we could make it work harder for you?  So I would like to take a few minutes of your time to give you some things I have learned to help you make a decision to get more value for you dollar. 

1. Where is your feed manufactured? With the high prices of fuel, if they have to ship your feed from a considerable distance somebody will have to pay for this expense. In order to be competivie with feed that is manufactured locally they have to cut corners somewhere.  
2. Taking the above into consideration, you would then need to look at the tag to find 2 things. The first would be the list of ingrediants.  Are the ingrediants stated clearly? Are there alot of by products listed?
The other thing to look at is the weight of the product you are purchasing. In the drum industry it can vary from 200lb to 250lb. So when you compare the cost you will know what you are getting for your money. 
3. While you have the tag in front of you, look to see what the amount of feed the livestock will consume to do the job you want it to do. If you are purchasing a product that is less expensive but they need to consume more to do the job then maybe it is not cheaper in the long run. If you will take a minute to figure how much it costs per head per day you will get a better picture of which feed is better for your program.
If you would like to talk to somebody about how our feed please do not hesitate to call us. If we do not know the answer we will be glad to find the answer for you. All these products are researched at Kansas State University. 
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K B Feed
Oklahoma distributor of Feed In A Drum